2/24/03 - 8/2/03: Dave and Scott traveled 3,150 miles on foot from Sea Bright, NJ to Florence, OR.

Dave & Scott have "Run The USA"
Now you can read the story here, and in
The April 2004 Edition of Running Times Magazine

"I canít believe itís been nearly one year since Dave and I jogged off the chilly beach in NJ. Running across the country had been a longstanding dream of mine and making it a reality was truly surreal. How in the world we made it across the US without a close call with an automobile, without being threatened, and without any real problems is something that still amazes me. Aside from the early injury setbacks caused by running with the packs on our backs, we never so much as rolled and ankle or tripped on a curb. Getting to meet so many incredibly generous people..." more of Scott's recollections in the weblog. "'There is no way to comprehend how we will feel on that first day, as we stand with our feet in the Atlantic staring west. There is no way to know what the drudgery of covering 20 miles a day, everyday, for 5 months will feel like. But I'll tell you what, of all the pain, repetition, or bad luck that COULD happen, I am totally and completely ready for it.' The above passage includes the last thoughts of mine before beginning the run across the country. This is the first time I have read the words since posting them on the site almost one year ago. Wow, looking back..." more of Dave's recollections in the weblog.

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